• Our Bison are DNA tested and 100% pure
    Certified Grass-Fed - Animal Welfare Approved
    Top quality DNA tested breeding stock - no evidence of cattle introgession genes
  • Bison Meat
    Bison Meat is healthy
    Certified Grass Fed & Finished - No Antibiotics - No Hormones - no GMO
  • We Care About Our Animals
    Animal Welfare Approved = Happy & Healthy Bison
    Always provide superior quality products

Where our Meat is Sold & Served

Welcome to
the Ozark Valley Bison Farm

Established in 2016, we are the only Bison Farm in Stone County Arkansas.

Our vision and goal is to raise quality pure-bred grass-fed Plains Bison from well established bloodlines that consistently produce large healthy and vigorous animals that have a calm and gentle temperament. Achieving these goals will ensure the integrity of the Bison breed and the production of healthy and great tasting bison meat products.

Animal Welfate Approved by A Greener World

Our Services and Products

Bison Breeding

We have 2 bulls both of which have good bison conformity, characteristics and temperament. One of our bulls comes from the famous 747 bloodline out of Northern Missouri and the other bull was sired by Big Easy of the Mr. Big bloodline of Yellowstone heritage. Our female bison are chosen to compliment these characteristics.

Bison Sales

To prevent inbreeding within our herd, we sell all of our young female bison heifers either in the fall as 6-month old calves or in the following spring as yearlings. Some bulls are kept on the farm and raised for meat production. Animals are offered by private sale and at auction. Contact us directly for private sales.

Meat Sales

All of our meat is USDA inspected and comes from our pasture and grass-fed bison right here in Stone County Arkansas. The wholesome grasses of the Ozark valley produce unsurpassed healthy and tasty meats. No hormones, antibiotics, or any other additives.

Farm Visits and Tours

By appointment, we welcome visitors to our farm to learn about the American Plains Bison and to get close to these majestic animals. For longer visits or just to spend the night as you travel through, we are listed on airBnB. Come join us for just the day or the whole weekend!

Why Choose Us?

We are local farmers and ranchers that make our bison meat and other products available locally. When you buy bison meat from major grocery chains you are getting animals that have been treated like cattle and finished in stockyards and feedlots. This is not wholesome grass-fed meats. Bison from major commercial producers are often de-horned, destroying their natural habits and majestic beauty. Compare that to our bison that are always free-ranging and feeding on Ozark Mountain valley grasses without ever receiving any antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified feeds. Our farm is Animal Welfate Approved by A Greener World. a leader in labeling and verified farm practices

Only Bison Farm in the Area

Support your local producer.

Great Customer support

We will always try to accommodate our customers

Visitors Welcome

We always welcome farm visits and stays

On Site Sales

You can buy bison meat right on our farm.

Contact Us Today

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information on bison meat sales, retail and wholesale, visits, or any other questions.

Bison for Sale

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Meet Some Of Our Herd

Bison Meat Products

All of our meat is
USDA Inspected, Grass-Fed & Finished, Antibiotic & Hormone Free
Meat Sales, Retail and Wholesale, will be offered in the summer/early fall of 2018

Where our Meat is Sold & Served